MCTA:RVi Academy  Mandalay

MCTA:RVi Academy (Mandalay Chan Thar Academy) was established in 2005 as the first Singapore International School in Mandalay, dedicated to providing high quality international school education to the best and brightest young people in the region. The school moved from its initial small plot to the current spacious location near the intersection of 53rd and 37th streets. Certified by the Myanmar Ministry of Education, the school is managed by Singapore-based RVi International. Known as one of Mandalay’s leading schools, MCTA is a progressive and dynamic institution with a reputation for quality teaching excellence and parent/student satisfaction.

MCTA takes pride in the fact that it is recognized by international boards at both the primary and secondary school levels. It has been registered as a Cambridge International School since June 2007, and has been registered as a Cambridge International School for administering examinations for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) since 2007. MCTA:RVi Academy is also certified by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) as an Approved Exam Centre for conducting the Singapore International Primary School Examination (iPSLE). MCTA offers experiential learning along with traditional classroom-based teaching to cater to a wide range of student needs. Class study trips are regularly initiated to allow students to visualise academic concepts functioning in real world settings. On campus, science students gain hands-on experience by participating in laboratory experiments, and special projects, suitable activities and educational games are an integral part of daily lesson plans. From the beginning, MCTA was established by leaders in the community who saw the need for high quality education and took action to make their dream a reality. Foremost of the visionaries was U Sein Myint, founding member and Board of Directors Chairman. No one connected to the school will ever forget his passion and drive for education.

Mission : The Academy’s mission is to offer quality Singapore Styled International education at affordable pricing. We aim for the overall development of each child as a well-rounded individual who would seek and realize his or her potential so as to achieve success and bring about improvement in the quality of our national life and environment.


BRIGHT : A good education provides the foundation to a bright future. The academy is also poised to accept the brightest children for the transformation to pillars of tomorrow.

VISION: If the vision is clear, the obstacles will give way. The academy’s unique blend of international and Myanmar learning curriculum will facilitate each child to seek and realize his or her true vision for success.

SUCCESS: Instilling a passion of success is the cornerstone of developing a child’s self-confidence. The academy’s mission of developing well-rounded children of today to success stories to tomorrow can be seem from the very drive among the founding members to bring about its establishment.