Dear Parents and Guardians,

The MCTA:RVi Academy Administration is delighted to inform you of updates to our safety and Security Guidelines and Policies that will be implemented during our first term of school year 2016­2017 and continuing throughout the year. We believe that these changes will make our school a safer and cleaner place for both students, parents, staff and teachers.

  1. There has been an upgrade of all of our closed circuit television (CCTV) units within the school. We will be installing additional CCTV units this year monitored by our Vice Principal’s office and school’s security staff.

    Parent/Guardian ID Card

  2. We are introducing the new Student Identification (ID) Card during the first few weeks of school. The rules for these are as follows:
    1. ID will be worn in order to enter and exit the MCTA campus.
    2. ID will be worn at all times while on school grounds.
    3. Students are to display their ID cards as a form of identification during all school examinations.
    4. Students without an ID card may be denied entry into the school premises. The Student will have to present themselves to the H.O.D. and Vice Principal for approval to enter the campus.
    5. Student ID needs to be updated every year with a new digital photo.
    6. Lost ID cards must be reported immediately to the Registration Department.
    7. Students will be charged 5000 MMK for the replacement of any lost, damaged or defaced ID card. W e are pleased to announce these enhancements designed to make our MCTA campus safer and more secure. Information Services Division (ISD) will distribute identification cards to parents and guardians during the month of May. First time an ID is lost will incur a non­refundable 5,000 MMK charge. Second lost card charge is will incur a 10,000 MMK charge. After our entire MCTA students and parents are photographed by our Information Systems Division (ISD) badges will be issued.
  3. We are introducing the new Parent/Guardian ID Card during the first and second week of school. The rules for these are as follows:
    1. ID is to be worn in order to enter and exit the MCTA campus.
    2. ID is to be worn while on school grounds.
    3. Parents/Guardians will be guided to the department of their appointment by security staff.
    4. Parents/Guardians without an ID card may be denied entry into the school premises. The Parent/Guardian will be escorted by security to the I.S.D. to talk with the staff or school Registrar in order to confirm their identity, make/confirm an appointment, and then be guided to the department of their appointment.
    5. Lost ID cards must be reported immediately to the ISD, Security and Registration Departments.
    6. Parents will be charged 5000 MMK to replace any lost, damaged or defaced ID card.
  4. Visitors without an official MCTA:RVi Academy student/parent/guardian ID will need to sign in at Security and either show a government or business ID and have their picture taken by CCTV.
  5. Due to the expansion of our student population, safety concerns, and future construction within the school compound, MCTA: RVi Academy will become a “Closed Campus”. This means that the school compound will be closed to cars entering or exiting the campus.
  6. We ask parents, guardians, and students to please help in avoiding traffic jams in and around the school by following the attached simple common sense traffic regulations listed on the signs outside the school area and following the traffic patterns labeled on the attached map.
    1. Park your vehicle according to Mandalay City Development Committee rules and regulations and respect the parking signs, handicapped parking areas , and one way designations.
    2. Do not park within any restricted areas.
    3. Follow the traffic map. For example, using the “one way” direction on 53rd street from North to South, “one way” direction on 37th  street from East to West, etc.)

Please Note: Following these procedures in a friendly manner also sets a great example for our students.

MCTA will enforce these new campus regulations.

  1. Both of the school gates’ schedule for walking students only, not motor vehicles, unless they are on official school business (Gate A and Gate B) is as follows:
    Opening Time Closing Time Remark
    5:30 am 6:00 am For CLC
    8:00 am 8:40 am For International
    3:00 pm 4:00 pm For International & CLC
    5:15 pm 6:00 pm For CLC
  2. Responsible Canteen and Common Area behaviour
    1. Line up quietly ­­ speak in low voices at all times.
    2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    3. Do not touch classroom displays/windows or cafeteria fixtures.
    4. Do not throw food.
    5. Use proper table manners.
    6. Sit on your bottom with feet directly under the table.
    7. Clean up after yourself and make sure your eating area is neat.
    8. Leave your table only after the table is clean and all trash is picked up.
    9. Never throw food or trash on the floor.
    10. Remember to say “please” and “thank you.” to the canteen staff. They are here for your benefit and also need proper respect.
  3. In our, canteen you will now find the following changes:
    1. There is a new food vendor, MCTA BISTRO, serving delicious and nutritious food for our students. The food is made­ to­ order and prepared by a chef from Indonesia.
      1. Please return bowls, platters and utensils directly to them after you are finished dining.
    2. Other dining areas, please:
      1. Return canteen bowls, platters, and utensils to “Window 1”.
      2. Please remember to remove your own plastic containers, and utensils.
      3. Please dispose of the following items carefully in the trashcan provided: plastic cups, styrofoam food containers, plastic bags, chopsticks, and used tissues/napkins.
      4. Please close the entrance door behind you to keep the canteen cool.
      5. Please do not move the cafeteria tables around.
      6. Please return lunch boxes and tiffin containers to the multi­purpose hall.
      7. Restrooms: Our restrooms at MCTA:RVi Academy Mandalay are clean, safe environments where people interact with courtesy and respect.
  4. Responsible Restroom behaviour:

    Help Keep our Campus Clean and Hygienic

    Individual teachers may have different rules specifically pertaining to grade levels of their students

    1. Only one student is to be inside a stall at one time.
    2. Students will use quiet voices (“inside voices”).
    3. Students must flush the toilet after use.
    4. No standing on the toilet unless it is a squat toilet.
    5. Students are to keep the restroom nice and clean.
    6. Place tissue in paper towels into the rubbish bin. Do not put them into the toilet.
    7. Do not play with water.
    8. Students will leave bathroom stalls unlocked after use.
    9. Students will try and keep all areas and fixtures as clean as possible and will not use excessive toilet paper.
    10. Students will wash and dry hands appropriately after using the restroom. Use water appropriately
    11. Use soap in amounts that are appropriate
    12. Use hand sanitizer if hand washing is not an option
    13. Students will refrain from playing or climbing, and will respect the privacy of others at all times.
    14. Students will report problems with any toilet or wash basin to the closest adult. (When in doubt, don’t flush.)

MCTA school lockers

We are pleased to provide individual Secondary classes with lockers. If you would like to purchase a locker rental, please read the information below and sign the indemnity form. One copy will be given to you you and one will be placed in your student file.

A limited numbers of lockers can be leased to students. The students are required to pay a non­refundable deposit to lease the lockers.

Students are to use the lockers strictly to keep books, stationery and personal belongings. It is not advisable to keep valuable items, like cameras, computers, mobile phones/tablets, monies, etc. in the locker. The locker must not be used to keep prohibited items, in particular, weapons, explosives or any hazardous equipment/material, or “illegal” copies of electronic media.

Students are responsible for the proper maintenance and cleanliness of their own lockers and the area around the lockers. Any damage to the locker will result in a repair charges to the student responsible for the damages.

MCTA: RVi Academy Mandalay reserves the right to inspect the contents stored in the lockers whenever it deems necessary. MCTA: RVi Academy Mandalay retains the right to revoke the use of a locker to any student at any time. MCTA: RVi Academy Mandalay is not liable for any loss of items kept by students within their lockers. The following rules will apply:

  1. Students currently enrolled with MCTA International Programs are eligible to purchase a locker rental for the current semester only. The current fee will be 10,000 MMK per semester (i.e. 20,000 per academic year).
  2. Non­ students (i.e. Faculty/Staff) can purchase an Annual Locker f or 10,000 MMK.
  3. At the end of your locker rental agreement, return the key of the locker to the Admin Department office. A 10,000 MMK fee will be charged for missing keys or damaged locks.
  4. Personal locks are not permitted on rented lockers. Lockers with personal locks are subject to having the lock removed by Campus Operations staff. A 10,000 MMK fee will be charged to the patron’s account if personal locks have to be removed.
  5. Locks will be changed immediately following the expiration dates.
  6. Contents left in the locker after the expiration date and a 3,000 MMK locker clean out fee must be paid to claim the contents.
  7. Locker contents will be held for approximately three business weeks after the clean out date. Unclaimed contents will be disposed of or donated at the discretion of Campus Recreation staff. Any TOILETRY items will be disposed without reimbursement to the patron.
  8. Lockers may not be utilised during Summer Break (between Summer and Fall Semesters). Lockers will be cleaned during this time and all materials left in lockers will be removed and discarded. Signage will be placed near all banks of lockers to notify of cleaning dates at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the cleaning process.
  9. Students and employees are to use lockers exclusively to store school ­related materials. MCTA: RVi Academy reserves the right to restrict the use of lockers to currently registered students or employees of the institution only, and may request proof of current student/employee registration or ID.
  10. MCTA: RVi Academy may, in its sole discretion, carry out or authorize searches/inspections of lockers for any reason, and will discard, or have the City Police Department take into custody, any contents that are discovered to be hazardous or in conflict with these guidelines. The following is a partial listing of instances when MCTA: Rvi Academy will exercise an inspection at its discretion without notice:
    1. Suspected locker abandonment.
    2. Suspected contents that may be illegal, illicit or deemed by MCTA: RVi Academy Security to be harmful, offensive or inappropriate, and/or at the request of, or generally in cooperation with, police authorities.
    3. Suspected contents that provide risk to the general good of the student, student population, and/or MCTA: RVi Academy.
    4. Physical damage to, or defacing of, the locker.
    5. Odors (spoiled/rancid food, garbage, or odorous contents) or other conditions that are deemed a potential health hazard.
  11. MCTA: RVi Academy will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the student’s goods under any conditions; therefore, students shall not store valuable items in lockers.
  12. As a courtesy, efforts will be made to make you aware of upcoming locker expiration but it is your responsibility to be aware as to when your locker expires.

Please also be informed that several breaks are taken throughout the day. We discourage bathroom breaks from class/instructional periods but, if a student finds it necessary to go to the restroom at a time other than the class break, the student must have the teacher’s permission and then will be expected to follow the rules for responsible restroom behaviours.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and help in educating your children to make our school the best on the entire planet.

Please be aware that there will be future changes in the policies and that the MCTA: RVi Academy Administration will keep parents/guardians up to date of these changes through future handouts.