Mr. Argus Ang
Mr Argus Ang
Managing Director of MCTA:RVi Academy

As we celebrate our 9th year of establishment, my message is simple.  The message is:

“Welcome to MCTA:RVi Academy. Join us and enjoy your stay with us”.

I went into this project with our late Chairman and the present members of our board to establish MCTA: RVi Academy Mandalay. It was and still is a labour of love. Love is what motivates our team of Board members, Managers, Staff, senior teachers to constantly spend time to developing the right strategy for our school. It is what motivates us to handle parents, students, staff with care and concern for their welfare.

I am happy and proud that our school has grown to a school with an enrolment of over 1500 students (including our summer classes). These 9 years have been fruitful. We faced many challenges which by testing our resolve, has helped us to grow in strength and gain new perspectives.  I am happy today to say we have grown as an academic institution of sound repute and have achieved considerable successes in many areas.

Our students continue to do well in various tertiary institutions they are enrolled at. The academic discipline instilled in them has given them an edge and has placed them in an advantageous position to succeed in any new environment that they might find themselves in.

We endeavour to introduce new courses that is relevant to the modern times and projects that will enhance experiential learning. At MCTA, we believe learning should be a lifelong habit and for that to be so, students should be given the opportunity to love the process of learning new skills and new ideas.

To all our students, past and present and their families, please allow me to thank for your support and trust in our ability to deliver on our promise that we will do our very best for you.