Mr. Alistair Ang Eng Chong
MCTA:RVi Academy Mandalay

 MCTA: RVi Academy Mandalay, Home of Scholars, offers our graduates a pathway towards international university acceptance.  Our Junior School Program is accredited by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB).  Our High School program is accredited by the UK’s University of Cambridge International Examinations Board (Cambridge-CIE).   Our school’s internationally focused curriculum is based on Cambridge-CIE and SEAB guidelines.  MCTA: RVi Academy Mandalay is also affiliated with the American Scholar Group providing a comprehensive education pathway for students who are interested in pursuing an overseas education.

 We are proud to have matriculated 148 iPSLE graduates and 137 Cambridge IGCSE graduates since 2007. Our top graduate of 2009, Thiri Wai @ Grace, is now studying at the University of Oxford.   This year, we have a number of IGCSE achievers obtaining scholarships to pursue their education in established universities in the US and UK.  Notably, Win Thiri Aung @ Victoria for her admission to the Arizona State University (US) and La Pyeit Aung @ Peter for his admission to the University of Birmingham (UK), respectively on scholarships. We would also like to congratulate Htun Win Aung @ Ronel, our first Asean Scholar, for achieving the prestigious ASEAN scholarship offered by the Singapore government.

 MCTA: RVi Academy Mandalay is also the only academy in Upper Myanmar approved by all five (5) Polytechnics in Singapore that help Myanmar students prepare for their entrance assessments.  Students passing the entrance assessment will get grants to study in the Polytechnics.  A total of 102 students have been offered tuition grants by the Polytechnics since 2006.

 MCTA’s Chinese language school (CLC) provides a gateway for students who wish to pursue their higher education in China.  Two of our top achieving graduates from CLC are already studying at Beijing University and Tsinghua University.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents in Mandalay who are planning to choose an international school accredited by some of the world’s best internationally-certified examination boards. We recognise your diligence in ascertaining the quality and certification of an international school ensuring your child’s progressive education.  International certifications are the most important standard for a student’s quality of study.  The academic credential attained by our Cambridge-IGCSE students enables them to pursue further education at prestigious internationally-certified colleges and universities.

 I would like to thank Academy’s Board of Directors and Managing Director, for their direction and guidance.  I would also like to thank parents, teachers, staff and students at MCTA for their unstinting support.  We shall continue to prepare students for an exciting career in the 21st century through our internationally-accredited academic programs.