Adventure Trekking Trip 2016

IGCSE Adventure Trekking Trip

MCTA  High School  department organised  an Adventure trekking trip for IGCSE students from 28 November to 4 December. This year was our third year of trekking.

This year IGCSE 1605  students embarked on their journey on the evening of 28 November 2016.  Early in the   morning of  29 November 2016, students and teachers started hike to  the Pindaya hill to visit the magnificent cave. We were able to see more than 6000 statutes of Lord Buddha in the cave arranged in a maze-like formation. A local resident of Pindaya was kind enough  to give us a tour of the cave.

The  Great Adventure Begins

30 November 2016 was the first day of  the 53 kilometres long trekking. We  successfully completed our trekking on  the evening of 2 December 2016 at Nyaung Shwe. It was a great trekking trip. During trekking, everybody woke up at 6:00 am. Everyone was given only half an hour to freshen up and get ready for the day. Students and teachers were served  a satisfying wholesome breakfast.  Students were taught to daily  to clean up after themselves before they left the premises.

Our three day trek always started with the warm up exercise led by student leaders. Students walked at least for 4 hours before lunch. After lunch, students were allowed one and a half hours of rest. Following which  students once again walked for 3 to 4 hours depending upon the terrain. A balanced, sumptuous local fare for  lunch and dinner were prepared daily by  our local chefs who were specially hired for this purpose.

Students enjoyed sitting around the campfire and talking to their friends on the eve of 30 November and 1 December 2016. On the first campfire night, students sang songs and played  game called truth and dare. On second the night, students had a heart to heart  sharing session introduced by Mr Manoj Kumar. During this session students shared some information about themselves. They also shared some sweet and bitter memories  with their friends. They openly discussed what they liked and disliked about each other and sought to identify each other’s strength and weaknesses. We also played a game. Teachers were supposed to call the name of the student who was then given 10 seconds to call out the name of one classmate of whom  something positive had to said. After the game, students sought for the feedback from the teachers Mr Manoj Kumar, Mr Bosco and Ms Kristine on how they could improve the class dynamics. It was a very good session which brought students much more closer to each other. They were able to  better understand  their friends and to empathize with each other.

Compassion for the less privileged

On the last day of our trekking, we relaxed in a village deep in mountains. While we were relaxing, teachers of a nearby government school approached Ms Kristine and told her about the difficulties they face in  their day to day operation and asked if we could donate some money to the school. The sad situation of the school was shared with students. Students were asked if they would be interested in donating some money to the school. MCTA students showed spontaneously showed compassion by readily donating their money. Students, teachers and  the trekking guide collected  a total amount of MMK 350,000. On the request of students, Mr Manoj Kumar handed over the money collected to the school teacher. An entry was also made in the cash register of the school. Teachers and students of Myanmar school were very happy and they promised to spend money carefully for the betterment of the poor students.

On last day of our trip, we went to the famed hot spring  which was about 8 kilometers from the hotel on hired bicycles. Students enjoyed their trekking and the time spent by them in the hot spring, totally relaxing and soaking in the medicinal waters. We finished our journey on 4 December 2016 with lots of wonderful and memorable moments. Every student learnt something about life on the trip. It was a trip which nobody will forget.




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