Ms Jerah’sP2 SG Sincere Class puts the finishing touches on the natural environments they created from scratch.  With paint brushes, sand, bark and other materials the students assembled specific environments like desert, ocean, jungle, arctic and rainforest.  Using string, students also hung the corresponding living things that are easily found within their environments.  Sorry about […]

Summer Program Closing Ceremony

Summer Program Closing Ceremony This year’s closing ceremony for the summer program was a rousing success. We had about 100 students and parents in attendance in room 202 in the new building. We had some great performances (the kids signing “We Are the World” brought tears to many eyes in the audience), a slide show […]

Guided tour of Mandalay Hill and Mandalay Palace

The Summer Program at MCTA went on a specially guided tour of Mandalay Hill and Mandalay Palace.  Our guides entertained our students and taught them the history and cultural background of many of Mandalay’s famous places.  All of the students had a fantastic time learning and sharing a wonderful day with their friends.

Summer School ICT lessons

Summer School ICT lessons with Ms. Shane The Summer School Students from Intermediate and Advanced Levels immensely enjoyed their ICT lessons with Ms. Shane who used interactive and innovative methods of pedagogy. Based on the theme: “Around the World in 80 Days”, they learnt to create beautiful postcards and to effectively edit images with Adobe Photoshop […]

May/June 2016 Cambridge-IGCSE Examination

May / June 2016 Cambridge-IGCSE Examination  Cambridge International Examination-IGCSE (May-June 2016) will be conducted from 23 April 2016 to 6 June 2016.  The detailed schedule is as follows: Date Time Subject Room 23 April 2016 0900-1200 English as a Second Language (Oral Communication) 414 26 April 2016 0900-1130 Information and Communication Technology 213 28 April 2016 […]


Students at summer school put all that they have learned this week about South America to work with coloured chalk and cement.  After learning about the different flora and fauna in the Amazon rainforest, students demonstrated that knowledge in a concrete fashion.  Illustrations completed by our students included monkeys, bears, fish, alligators, insects, birds, boats, […]

Giant Maps

Today MCTA’s Summer Program worked on illustrating giant maps showing where we have studied and drawing pictures of the interesting geographical features and animals they learned about.  So far the students have worked on lessons about Australia and South America.  Next week will be North America.

Graduation and Study Awards

Graduation Celebration at National Theatre Mandalay There will be 2 types of MCTA:RVi Academy Mandalay students taking the stage of the National Theatre in Mandalay this Friday 18 March. Fifty-three kindergarten students will don graduation garb and proudly walk the aisle to the famous instrumental song, “Pomp and Circumstance.” Forty-eight primary students will begin the secondary phase of their education […]

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