iPSLE Examination Time-Table

2015 iPSLE Examination Time-Table Oral Examination Date Paper Local Time 2 July, 3 July 2015 English Language Oral 0830 – 1230 6 July 2015 Chinese Oral 0830 – 1230 Written and Listening Comprehension Examination Date Paper Duration Myanmar Time Wednesday8 July 2015 English Language (Paper 1)English Language (Paper 2) 50 min1 hr 50 min 0900 – […]

Waterfall Park Sights and Sounds

On Friday July 3, SEC 2 International and SEC 1 international classes visited Myanmar’s famous Dee Dote waterfall park on an excursion. Students were thrilled by the Waterfall Park sights and sounds; the water crashing down, causing ions charged with negative energy to cascade down from the falls.  Students had a very good time learning […]

Waterfall Park Sights and Sounds

This coming Friday July 3, SEC-2 International and SEC-1 International will visit the Dee Dote waterfall park on an excursion that will take them out of school from 8:00 through 4:30. After visiting, students are likely never to forget the Waterfall Park sights and sounds. The water crashing down, causing ions charged with negative energy […]

Study trip to Mandalay palace-

P1 International respectful

Study trip to Mandalay palace and golden duck A Memorable field trip with the enthusiastic students of P1G  to “MANDALAY’S ROYAL PALACE”. Students of P1G Respectful experienced for themselves the legendary history of Mandalay’s Royal king and queen. When King Mindon Min founded Mandalay in 1857 he ordered construction of a new Royal Palace. However, that palace was burned […]

The Little Chef

It was indeed a fun-filled day for our P2 SG Courageous and Sincere Classes. First, they went to Myanmar Marionettes Theater where students experienced, observed and appreciated Myanmar culture through a puppet show. Then, they went to Sedona Hotel for a sumptuous lunch. The management of the hotel prepared a fun activity for the students. […]

One Day Tour Of Three Ancient Cities

Study Trip to Three Ancient Cities The Primary 5 Virtuous  held their ‘One Day Tour Of Three Ancient Cities’. The virtuous students of Primary 5 International explored the three ancient cities near Mandalay-Innwa, Sagaing and Mingun. The first stop was Innwa, where  the students took a quick boat ride to the horse carriages station taking […]

Study in USA: Overview of U.S. Higher Education

US Consul talks with Upper Class students about choosing America as a place to attend college Acting US Consular Officer Ms Elizabeth Biermann de Lancie, provided a very  useful talk to MCTA:RVi Academy students who were particularly interested in scholarship and financial aid information. Ms. de Lancie confirmed that she also had to get scholarship […]

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