Study trip to SP Bakery

SKG- Creative’s study trip to SP Bakery Children should be given opportunities to develop and transform; to bloom like flowers, to grow out of their cocoons, to be free like butterflies and to be what they want to be. SKG –Creative class went to the SP Bakery for a cake decoration class. This activity allows […]

MCTA:RVi Academy NBA Style Finals

Missing on the court were both Stephan Curry and Lebron James, but that didn’t stop the school’s Section 1405 boys from beating the Full Time Chinese (FTC) students in today’s grudge match.  Sweat poured off the student athletes during the grueling full court match-up played on the MCTA:RVi basketball court.  It was not clear if […]

Education Fair 2015 Opening ceremony

Mandalay students and parents were transported around the globe at MCTA:RVi Academy’s annual Study Overseas and Career Fair 2015. Representatives of colleges and universities from Singapore, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States provided potential students with a glimpse of their unique capabilities. Many of the programs represented the very top educational institutions in […]

Why do I go to college

MCTA: RVi Academy Overseas Fair ​Students attending the ​ MCTA: RVi Academy Overseas Fair on June 12th may ask a simple question, “Why do I go to college?”  Do students go to college just to get a degree? This question is answered ​ ​by telling a story about a university president who tells new students, […]

Essay Competition 2015

MCTA:RVi Academy’s 9th annual Essay Competition was held on 8 June 2015 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. We would like to thank all the participant for participating in the Essay competition. The result of Essay competition will be announced on 12 June 2015.

P1SG and P3SG brilliant’s visit to the Mandalay Marionette and Puppet theatre

Student’s attention was strong as if they were hanging on strings when P1SG and P3SG brilliant visited the Mandalay Marionette and Puppet theatre and cultural show today. Students were thrilled to see the artistry of movement as the puppets collided with each other in mock battles. On hand at the theatre was the 84-year-old grand […]

P2 SG Courageous and Sincere Students’ visit to SP Bakery

One of the most powerful influences on a child’s learning is their everyday experiences and activities. Hence, P2 SG Courageous and Sincere Students visited SP Bakery and enjoyed lunch at One and Only restaurant for educational trip.  Children were made aware of different food sections and items available at the bakery. Then, they were given the […]

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