Sec-2 G trip to Yankin hill

The Secondary  2 International students went on a short hiking trip to Yankin Hill with our Vice Principal, Mr. Joshua Hook and Ms. Zin Zin Zaw.  They hiked up on the north side and cam down on the southern side.  The students and teachers were able to stop off at every stupa, pagoda, statue, and […]


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Information Talk on Study in the USA

Information Session on Study in the USA: Overview of U.S. Higher Education Ms Biermann de Lancie, Consular Officer from American Embassy, will conduct an Information Session on “Study in the USA: Overview of U.S. Higher Education” on 23 June 2015 in Room-N202 at 2:00 pm.  The purpose of this information session is to provide information […]

Young Artists of MCTA

K1 – Polite Demonstrates their Drawing Skills Students of Kindergarten-1 Polite demonstrate their knowledge of English by drawing on the tarmac adjacent to their classroom. Cheered on by teachers Ms Agnes and Mr David J, the students showed their skills in a concrete way.

Study trip to SP Bakery

SKG- Creative’s study trip to SP Bakery Children should be given opportunities to develop and transform; to bloom like flowers, to grow out of their cocoons, to be free like butterflies and to be what they want to be. SKG –Creative class went to the SP Bakery for a cake decoration class. This activity allows […]

MCTA:RVi Academy NBA Style Finals

Missing on the court were both Stephan Curry and Lebron James, but that didn’t stop the school’s Section 1405 boys from beating the Full Time Chinese (FTC) students in today’s grudge match.  Sweat poured off the student athletes during the grueling full court match-up played on the MCTA:RVi basketball court.  It was not clear if […]

Education Fair 2015 Opening ceremony

Mandalay students and parents were transported around the globe at MCTA:RVi Academy’s annual Study Overseas and Career Fair 2015. Representatives of colleges and universities from Singapore, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States provided potential students with a glimpse of their unique capabilities. Many of the programs represented the very top educational institutions in […]

Why do I go to college

MCTA: RVi Academy Overseas Fair ​Students attending the ​ MCTA: RVi Academy Overseas Fair on June 12th may ask a simple question, “Why do I go to college?”  Do students go to college just to get a degree? This question is answered ​ ​by telling a story about a university president who tells new students, […]

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