Fun Fair 2017

Fun Fair and Open House Attended by almost 400 people, this year’s Fun Fair/Open House was a love fest for the entire MCTA family. In opening our campus to visitors, we put our best foot forward and showcased all the creative excitement generated by our students. Many of the booths were staffed entirely by students. […]


Do you want a chance to get professional coaching on your football skills? Do you want a chance to bounce more than 3 meters in the air? Have you always wanted your face painted ? Would you like a chance to to pelt your favorite teacher with sloppy wet sponges? Want a chance to go […]

MCTA Fun Fair

Fun Fair and Open House Dear Parents / Guardians / Students and Friends of MCTA. It is our pleasure to inform you that on Saturday February 25th our school will hold a Fun Faire & Open House for all Mandalay school children Opening date : Saturday, February 25th 2017 Time : 9:00 am to 1:00 […]

MCTA English Festival

MCTA BOOSTS ENGLISH LEARNING WITH 21st Century Skills at ENGLISH FEST English continues in the world as the major language in communicating your thoughts and ideas on a global scale. Aside from being a popular language, English continues to rule in the business, scientific and technological world. MCTA’s English fest promotes quality English skills such […]

Happy Chinese New Year

When you hear the sound of the Rooster Crow: COCKELDOODLEDOO Happy Chinese New Year! May you receive all the auspicious offerings this Rooster year has to bring! On behalf of teachers, administrators and staff we wish all our students, parents and the whole MCTA community a prosperous and healthy New Year. Sincerely,    

HEALTH CLINIC at Kyause Orphanage

HEALTH CLINIC at Kyaukse Orphanage Opens Thanks to Generous Donation and Hard Work from MCTA When the abbot of Kyaukse’s Monastic School and Orphanage wanted to build a health clinic for their 200 orphan monks — MCTA stood up tall to help. To build the clinic, MCTA partnered with the USA-based NGO called One Dollar […]

Oct/Nov Cambridge IGCSE results

Official results from Cambridge from students of MCTA: RVi Academy Mandalay It takes a village to raise a child. MCTA congratulates all parents, relatives, teachers, tutors, school administrators (past and present) and community leaders for setting an example for our students to follow. MCTA is proud of your achievement and may you continue to do […]


CLC and FTC-HS Examinations The examinations for CLC and FTC-HS will be conducted from the 9th– 13th of January, 2017. Preliminary Examinations for IGCSE May/June 2017 Candidates for IGCSE May/June 2017 examinations will have their Preliminary Examinations from the 23rd of January, 2017 to the 3rd of February, 2017.  

Special welcome activities for high school students

Special  welcome activities for MCTA high school students High school took the opportunity to organise special activities to welcome our students back in the fourth term. Four different types of activities were organised to cater to the different interests of our students. We had sporting events for the very active and energetic students. Maths quiz […]

MCDC sanitation experts speak to MCTA students

REUSE RECYCLE REDUCE OUR WASTE MCDC INSTRUCTS STUDENTS The Mandalay City Development Committee sent their Sanitation Department experts to speak with our primary school students today.  Students listened to good advice regarding how to dispose of waste by category; glass, paper, plastic and wood.  Currently fish are in danger in Myanmar’s rivers and oceans from […]

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