Future Picassos from MCTA

Future artists show that they care for others by painting the Kyause Health Clinic. Students worked diligently to finish 1 entire coat of exterior paint at the Kyause Health clinic. 19 students from Ms May’s English Foundations class and Sec 1 SG demonstrated that MCTA Cares about the orphan monks.  Students were proud of themselves […]

Delegation from the People’s Republic of China Visits MCTA

Today delegates from the Consulate General’s office in Mandalay from the People’s Republic of China listened to a presentation from VP of Strategic Planning Mr. Joshua Hook and CLC VP Mr Wu about MCTA:RVi Academy. Accompanying the visitors were members of the academy’s Board of Directors who helped showcase the school’s record of academic achievement […]

MCTA has Super 10th Ka Thain Celebration on Yong Pin Kan Village

Students, staff and teachers were pleased to donate a school record amount (still being totaled) of money and gifts for the monks at Waso Monastery in Saging Township. After arriving at the remote village and having breakfast prepared by the monastery, monks prayed over the donations to bless them. Then all of the visitors had […]

MCTA 10th Ka Htain Celebration

MCTA 10th Ka Htain celebration will be held on 18 November 2016 (Friday) at “Warso Monastery, Yong Pin Kan Village, Sagaing Township”. All the donation items will be displayed at our MCTA campus on 17 November 2016. MCTA students and staff who would like to contribute are requested to bring the donation items by 16 […]

iPSLE results 2016

MCTA:RVi Academy Mandalay would like to congratulate the students who succeeded in finishing and passing their 2016 International Primary School Leaving Exams (iPSLE) Please take a moment to recognize all the worthy candidates who have completed this academic milestone when you see them at our school. First – May Phoo [email protected] 1A*, 2As, Certificate of […]

Asian Masters Chess Tournament Visitors Say “Wow” when visiting MCTA

MCTA had several distinguished visitors this week who were attending the Asian Grand Masters Senior Chess Tournament at Hotel Hazel. Two Visitors from Germany were respectively; a Lufthansa Airlines captain who has visited 100 countries and a High School teacher. They toured MCTA and were surprised by the quality of our students spoken English and […]

P3SG students’s study trip to Mingun

Students of P3SG Brilliant took a one hour boat ride away from Mandalay, along the Ayeyarwady River, to the little town of Mingun. Students could seet the massive ruins of the Mantara Gyi Pagoda (commonly known as Mingun Pahto), which was built by King Bodawpaya to be the biggest pagoda in the world and was […]

Study Trips

Educational / Enrichment Trips Date Trip Details 4 November 2016 K1-Delightful students will have their field trip to Manawyaman Park. 8 November 2016  K1-Charming students will have their field trip to Chan Thar Farm.  11 November 2016  K2 students will have their field trip to New Ocean Playground.

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