Managing Director’s message

MD Mr Argus Ang

MCTA grew from a humble beginning in May 2005 with 1 English international school with a mere 17 preschool and 40 students in our English language preparation classes that later went to form our first IGCSE class. Today, MCTA has grown to incorporate a student population of over 1600 students across 3 curriculum schools and over 30 academic and preparatory programs available to our students; internationally accredited by Cambridge Assessment in the UK, Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board in Singapore, Myanmar’s Ministry of Education, ICDL, as well as accreditation to top universities and colleges in China.  

The overall success of MCTA would not be possible without the leadership provided by our founding members of the board of directors led by our founding chairman U Sein Myint, our current chairman U Myint Naing.  Their leadership has provided us with the right direction sustained by the tireless efforts of the management and academic teams led by our Principals, Vice Principals, HODs and Managers of our International, Myanmar and Chinese schools past and current.

Despite challenging times, MCTA continues to focus on providing accredited education to avail international pathways to our student graduates. MCTA schools are the first schools to launch a comprehensive virtual learning environment to allow students to communicate and learn online when circumstances do not allow for students to be on campus. This is the result of the amazing collaboration of our IT and Academic teams constantly working on improving our VLE infrastructure and expanding our VLE services. 

Alignment of leadership, management and academic functions is the result of our core philosophy on placing focus on our students and their journey with our schools. And results can be seen from our 21st century skills competent student graduates that are instilled in confidence. Performance at international examinations has also been high with average distinctions at 70% of each examination cohort. Our students have won awards including TOP in the World by Cambridge Assessment, Certificates of Distinction and Merit from Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board. We continue to see shining examples from our alumni. Some are graduates with medical degrees in Australia, UK and US. Some are engineers and scientists in Singapore and China. Many have chosen entrepreneurship doing business around the world or at home. 

MCTA has gained from the partnership with our community, both at home and internationally, our parents, our staff, our alumni and our owners. We will continue to value this partnership and seek to grow our relationship having built a strong foundation over the past 15 years. Together we have made a difference.

Looking ahead, I know that there is still a great body of work to be done. My team and I remain committed to working with our students and communities in collaborative, proactive efforts to achieve the goals that will be for the greater good for our students and community. We will continue to make a difference.