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Main Campus

MCTA’s main campus is situated at the corner of 53 and 37 streets. Students and parents who are interested in visiting our campus are welcome to contact us. Our Information and services department is always happy to show you around our facilities. 

MCTA Chapter 5 Preschool

MCTA Chapter 5 is a new addition to MCTA. This campus is situated at the corner of 66 and 42 streets. This campus is specially designed for preschoolers.


New classrooms

Our classroom in the new building is equipped with Smartboards. All smartboards are connected to our WiFi network. 

Campus Tour and counseling Time

We are open on Monday – Saturday except on holidays.

Meeting Time:

Monday to Friday: 9 am and 5 pm

Saturday 9 am t0 1 pm.

Information Services Department (ISD)

MA 69/2, Corner of 53*37 Streets, Ye Mon Taung, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Phone : (02) 4062760, 4073326, 4073327, 4073329

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