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MCTA International Pre-school Program is based on the Singapore Pre-school system.

It is an established early childhood education system from Singapore that prepares children for Primary School.
Our pre-school is spread over two campuses: our large main campus at 52nd street and our cozy and intimate Pre-school campus on 66th street.

Our teaching methods follow strict academic principles while engaging children’s interests.  It is also designed to support the Core Curriculum with its interactive classroom technologies.

We aim for our students to become 21st-Century learners in a forward-thinking environment.

The subjects that are taught in the Pre-school Program include:

  1. Language- MCTA International Pre-school is a trilingual school with language & literacy provided in English, Mandarin and Myanmar languages.
  2. Numeracy– students not only learn how to count but more importantly how to be comfortable with mathematics as they grow into Primary classes.
  3. Environmental awareness- students learn about themselves and the interdependence
    of living and non-living things
  4. Aesthetic and creative expression– students carry out arts and crafts activities along with music and movement.
  5. Computer literacy– Starting in Nursery class, MCTA students learn to use computers, both hardware and software.
  6. Physical Education- MCTA Pre-school promotes health and fitness for our students through land and water sports. MCTA has its own swimming pool, playground, basketball court and playing field for the enjoyment of all our students.

Our International Pre-school is split into two different programs from which you may choose for your child.

  • MCTA Pre-school International Program
  • MCTA Pre-school Super International Program
Main Campus
  • Nursery 1 – International Program
  • Nursery 2- International/ Super International Program
  • Kindergarten 1 & 2 – International/ Super International Program

Chapter 5 Campus

  • Nursery 1- International Program
  • Nursery 2- Super International Program
  • Kindergarten 1- Super International Program

Applications are accepted from ages 18 months to 6 years-old. For older students, please see our Primary Program.