RVi-Cambridge Inter-School Debate



The RVi Group has initiated a number of events under the “My H.E.R.O. Mindset” to energize and motivate our staff, students, alumni, partners and associates to stay healthy and to promote a healthy “H.E.R.O.Mindset” lifestyle. We hope that these events will enhance our friendships with our partners and friends during this challenging period.

The next event that we will be organizing is the RVi Cambridge Inter-school Debate. It will be hosted on the MCTA VLE platform on Zoom and students from the RVi Academies in Bangkok, Mandalay and Yangon, as well as Ban Mai School, a Cambridge International School in Hanoi, Vietnam, will be participating in the event. There will be 2 categories: Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary and the schedule for the event is as follows:
10 February 2022: Lower Secondary: Ban Mai vs SIS
11 February 2022: Lower Secondary: Ban Mai vs MCTA
14 February 2022: Upper Secondary: MCTA vs SIS
15 February 2022: Upper Secondary: Ban Mai vs SSIS
24 February 2022: Lower Secondary Final
25 February 2022: Upper Secondary Final

We wish all participants the best of luck in the debates!