RVi Cambridge Inter-school debate finals results

RVi Cambridge Inter-school debate Final

RVi Cambridge Inter-School Debate

Communication is a fundamental need for human beings to sustain themselves in the world. Having good communication skills plays a major role in developing the overall personality. A debate is a discussion on a subject on which several people share their different opinions, it can be favourable towards the topic or it can be non-favourable.
MCTA has always hosted extra-curricular activities keeping in mind different 21st-century skills. The first-ever RVi Cambridge Inter-school debates organised by the RVi group and MCTA concluded on 25th February where schools from Vietnam, Thailand, Yangon and Mandalay participated.
The participants showed excellent critical thinking skills and their research skills were noteworthy. With good team bonding and collaboration, all the participants displayed their calibre and potential.
We are happy to announce that MCTA teams won both the upper secondary and lower secondary debates.
We would like to congratulate Alice and Anderson from Sec 2 SG and Winni from 1 G for winning the lower secondary debate competition.
Also Ariana and Michael Dan from IGCSE 2105 and Sandi Han from IGCSE 2107 for winning the upper secondary debate.
A special congratulations to Winni from Sec 1 G who was declared as the best speaker of the debate series from the lower secondary category.
We would also like to thank Mr P.J and Ms Winny for their dedication and effort in leading the teams to achieve this splendid victory.
The opportunities to participate in such competition is growing these days which enhance students’ talent and improve their overall development. We at MCTA always strive to give our best to help students learn better and perform better every single day.