Junior IT Assistant

We are currently hiring Junior IT Assistant for IT Department
For IT Department

Junior IT Assistant

Job Description:

  1. Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners
  2. Troubleshoot system and network problems, diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults, replacing parts or suggest for outside repairing service if required.
  3. Monitoring computer system & network, maintaining records of IT Assests and other related schedule.
  4. Perform data backups if needed.
  5. Provide support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports
  6. Test and evaluate new technology
  7. Offer daily operations and systems support to other staff
  8. Assist employees with computer problems and explain/prevent/solve about the issue
  9. Organize and schedule upgrades and maintenance without deterring others from completing their work
  10. Identify computer or network equipment shortages
  11. Control and manage sound system whenever required on events, rehearsals presentations.
  12. Take photos during main events or whenever required.
  13. Go to vendors outside for purchase and repair IT/Equipments
  14. Regular IT task, checklist for Departments per daily basic.
  15. Other basic tasks assigned by manager as needed.



  1. Hands on experience with System and Network
  2. Familiar with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Application)
  3. Any Graduated with related IT/Network Diploma (or) professional certificate.
  4. Good understanding of Hardware, System and Network.
  5. Minimum 6 months experience in related field
  6. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels within an organization.
  7. Ability to communicate in English.
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