Mini Mic Competition-2024

The much-awaited Mini Mic competition was held at MCTA Multi-Function Hall (MFH) on June 20 and 21, 2024. A total of 67 students participated in the Junior Category (ages 10-15), and 24 students participated in the Youth Category (ages 16-27). The junior competitors delivered a 3-minutes speech on “Civilizations: Clash and Coexistence,” while the Youth Category candidates spoke on the same topic for 4 minutes. They were judged on content, language proficiency and overall expression.

The students’ oratory skills were impressive and the support from the school community was commendable. It was indeed a pleasure to see the students demonstrating their oratory skills with absolute gusto. The event facilitators were High School English Teachers: Ms. Dolma, Mr. Sunil Tamang, Mr. Aaron Rai, Mr. P.J., and Mr. Markush.

The top five speakers from both categories were selected for further screening for the Mic Up competition in Yangon.

Junior Category Finalists:

  1.  Phyu Mon Thant @ Ivory
  2.  Shwe Asin Thu @ Berry Phwe
  3.  San Lawun Thu @ Sweety
  4.  Shi Shi San Aung @ Lilian Ming
  5.  Loon Lae Yee Win @ Grace

Youth Category Finalists:

  1.  Myat Noe Phyu @ Cindy Phyu
  2.  Shawnle Thazin @ Katie
  3.  Wai Mhue Eain @ Astoria 
  4.  Nang Htar Ni @ Amelia
  5.  Sai Seng Lao Hein @ James